Month: December 2016

Another test to post to this blog.


I am still checking for basic formatting and an image.


This is Windows Live Writer 2012. I find it very well liked on various forums and comments about other software. It is no longer, actually as of January 17, 2017, supported by Microsoft, but I suppose that matters little as long as it works.


I have “Parallels” on my Macs so using Windows software is a little cumbersome, but completely acceptable if that is what works best.


I would like to be able to:


  • Simple formatting of text
  • Post at least one image
  • Upload to blog.



Testing a blog editor software

I am looking for a way to quickly and cleanly write posts to this blog. This is my first post from a 30 day Trial of a program called Mars Edit.

I want to know what sorts of formatting options I can simply create. I am hoping to use limited, to none, HTML.

I want to be able to:

  • Write with some simple formatting.
  • add at least one photo to a post
  • and then upload and post it.

IMG 0092

Christmas Time is Coming

When Marie and Alex were small, they needed help putting Santa on to of the tree. It was nice having Marie nearby to do it again this year. She didn’t need any help.

Marie and Santa.jpg

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