smalltvonly¬†Welcome to “Pan Left”. In 2012 I created a ‘Photograph of the Day blog. The project was a lot of fun, and did cause some interesting photos to be created. The self imposed requirement to create a photograph, and only a photograph each day became a bit limiting.

With “Pan Left” I am going to post what I want, with no regular schedule. It is likely that the majority of the posts will be my photographs, new and old. Other posts might be about Computers and Digital Photography, Gardening, Baseball, History, Current Events or whatever I fancy at the time. Maybe even the occasional rant, but despite the obvious conclusion that the DH is an abomination, I will try to leave the low fruit on the tree.

This is obviously a vanity project, but hopefully there might occasionally be something interesting or even useful.

Why “Pan Left”? I have been, on and off, a broadcast television director of over 40 years. I have always leaned a bit, more so in recent years, to the ‘Left’.

Comments will be allowed, although I might arbitrarily delete them, or worse yet, just ignore them.

Thanks for looking.